UFC 209 Will Be Headline Wonderboy VS Woodley 2

In what was easily the best fight of UFC 205, we will see a rematch between Tyrone Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The fight was a drag-out test of wills that ended in a majority draw which saw Woodley retaining his Welter Weight Title. This fight will be the main event of the card and if it’s anything close to as good as the fight match between the two titans – we are in for quite a fight. The fight, which was a hard fought an intense twenty five minuets, ended with two out of three judges saying it was too close to call and declaring it a draw. It was at this point that we all knew a second fight would be right around the corner.
The two fighters have already acknowledged the bout and each other via social media. Wonderboy, who could have and should have lost the fight easily on two separate occasions during the fight but pulled through incredibly, has gone on the record as saying “I wasn’t at my best” and feels that when he is at his best he will win the next fight handily over Woodley. Woodley, as one would expect, disagrees saying that “You want a fight, you want to get done worse than you did the first time?”
All of the MMA & UFC pundits are licking their chops already to have a chance to be the one who correctly predicts the outcome of one of the most evenly matched bouts in almost a decade. We certainly can’t come up with a reasonable prediction for this one – can you blame us?

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