There’s An Injury Epidemic At American Kickboxing Academy

The American Kickboxing Academy of San Jose has been the training center for a myriad of UFC fighters including Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck and many more. It’s not much different than any other world famous MMA training center. But, there is one glaring and alarming difference – the fighters from and at this gym continue being plagued by injuries throughout their fighting careers. Sure, all gyms have fighters who are injury prone but the American Kickboxing Academy has truly taken the cake on this one.
Almost all of the noteworthy fighters from this gym have dealt with multiple injury problems throughout their UFC fighting careers. The big question is: Why? In order to answer that you would really need to look at how exactly the gym trains it’s fighters. This would apply to the specific styles and techniques they teach, how exactly they teach them, and, most importantly, how hard they push the fighters in general. If there’s anything wrong or off about any of those it could easily be the root the very serious injury problem. Unfortunately, we won’t know what the issue is likely ever. There’s no precedent for monitoring a particular gyms training methods to ensure safety – it’s completely unregulated. Maybe, we need to make a change in that before we can start changing individual gym’s training practices.

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