The Best Kickboxers In The UFC

Kickboxing has become one of the most common and effective moves to knock out opponents in UFC. In modern UFC, you need to be diverse when it comes to fighting moves in order to be the best. Fighters who use their eight limbs have found tremendous success in this sport. This article highlights the best kickboxers in the UFC. The ones that use slashing elbows, whipping kicks and crushing knees to the most damaging effect to win fights. It is also important to note that this is not an all-time list. It is subject to change as time goes by. It highlights the current UFC roster of fighters who finish their fights or who disorient their opponents using kickboxing techniques like standing elbows to break an opponent’s nose and using a knee to crash off an opponent.
1. Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Amazingly enough, the list is topped by a lady who has been undisputable during her time in the UFC. Joanna was a kickboxing champion in Poland even before she decided to make a full-time transition to the UFC. As much as she was a kickboxing champion, she really struggled to make ends meet. Life took a complete turnaround when she signed to the UFC. Her first two fights were very successful. Her first major title was the win against her female counterpart Carla Esparza. She has gone ahead to defend the title for the third time with a win against Gadelha in a fight that was held in Las Vegas on July 8th. What makes her the best is the fact that most of her strikes are very well calculated. She has a variety of moves including strong kicks, elbow attacks and knee kicks. Her fights are usually bloody.
2. Jose Aldo
A Brazilian from the favela is the best fighter to ever be a success in the UFC below 170 pounds. This guy was unbeaten for nine years, a total of 18 fights in the featherweight category. What gives him an edge over his opponents is the fact that he is very athletic, powerful and fast. In addition to that, he boasts a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. He holds the record of the best or one of the best kickboxers in the history of UFC and an all-time great of pound-for-pound.
3. Carlos Condit
Though Condit does not have that much background in kickboxing, what he does in the cage is amazing. A champion of WEC and UFC welterweight has done damage to most of his opponents. What makes him so famous is his techniques when it comes to striking an opponent. He has specialized mostly in kicking more than any other form of attack and he has managed to destroy very many opponents. Do not forget the fact that he uses his other four limbs during fights; the knees and the elbows. He knocked Thiago Alaves with a strong standing elbow and ended up winning the fight.
4. Rafael Dos Anjos.
He is the current world lightweight champion. He has a variety of kickboxing skills. He joined UFC in 2009. Rafael’s body and leg kicks are very lethal. One of his opponents, Diaz was almost unable to walk after being on the receiving end of these hits on the legs.
5. Cris “Cyborg” Justino
When you hear these names you should think of a beast. The most respected and feared female fighter in the world. She has been fighting since 2006. Her main strategy, which wins her most of her fights, is pushing the opponent to the wall and then starts punching them, hitting them with her knees and strong elbow punches. She does not really have to knock out an opponent using her kickboxing techniques, but they help her in making her opponents wilt before she pulls the killer move.
6. Edson Barboza
His striking is among the most lethal when it comes to mixed martial arts. Barboza made history by making the wheel kick a fad technique in mixed martial arts. What makes this guy standout is his kicks. His legs are feared and respected all over. Two of his fights in UFC have been ended by his spectacular kicks. Even if he does not knock out his opponent using his legs, just be assured that they will do serious damage to the opponent in the course of the fight. As much as he has had some ups and downs in the light weight category in the UFC, his offensive abilities cannot be doubted at all.
7. Matt Brown
His career has had a few mishaps in the recent past but you do not want to be caught by this beast in close quarters. His attacks are aggressive and totally brutal. He is in the welter weight category in the UFC. The best part of his attack is his clinch work. The moment he gets the chance to trap an opponent against the fence, he does damage using standing elbows and knees to the body and head. In most cases, he does not use his kickboxing skills to win fights. He uses these techniques to bring down and disorient an opponent in the course of the fight. Currently, Brown is out of form but all his fans believe that he will be back very soon. All in all, his great kickboxing skills cannot be assumed.
8. Thiago Santos
This Brazilian might not be as popular as the rest of the fighters in the list but his kickboxing skills put him in this list. His main way of attacking opponents is by making use of his kicks. Ronny Markes and Steve Bosse have been victims of these strong kicks. His hands are also a force to reckon. As he attacks his opponents using the kicks, he adds a few punches to make the move more effective. These two features therefore make him one of the best kickboxers in UFC.
As mentioned earlier, this list is subject to change. But currently, the fighters mentioned in this list are the best when it comes to kickboxing in relation to UFC. New people are being recruited as time goes by, so you never know how the list might be in the next two months. Fights are becoming more competitive and many fighters are opting to use kickboxing techniques.

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