Kickboxing: The Double Edged Sword

It is a well-known factor that martial arts and combat sports can have a positive effect on the physical and health aspects of your body. One great way of doing this is through kickboxing. Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that works with the combination of punching and kicking movements. It originated from a combination of other disciplines which mainly include, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, karate and Western boxing. The sport offers the participants a high-impact training strategy. It incorporates aerobic exercise and resistance training skills for a strong fit physique. This practice includes all muscle groups of the body, especially the shoulders, arms, core and legs. The evidence of the effectiveness of kickboxing in producing affective, cognitive and behavioral benefits has come from a number of studies.

This sport has many health and self-defense advantages which are discussed below;
Better aerobic fitness
This is achieved through cardio kickboxing. This differs from the self-defense focused one in that the participant’s goal is an amazing aerobic outcome. Periodic cardio training results in an efficient heart and lungs. If it is done regularly it also prolongs your life and fights off diseases due to the fact that it gets rid of dangerous visceral fat and converts it into energy. Apart from this, the people involved are empowered and their esteem increases from the kickboxing workouts.
Self-defense skills
A sizable number of participants of kickboxing count self-protection as their main goal. Furthermore, kickboxing classes that use speed bags, punching bags and live opponents result in gained muscle stamina and improved toning in the legs, arms and core. This helps the participant to acquire great precision and reaction time that is needed when fighting a person. This helps them to be able to face an aggressor in case they are attacked. Hand-eye coordination is also an essential skill that is learnt and which becomes very useful while fighting.
Improves confidence and self esteem
After achieving the physical and mental fitness associated with kickboxing, your confidence levels will incredibly go up. The increased focus and concentration will help you in carrying out your daily activities. In addition, the learnt from kickboxing can give you a self-confidence boost. It Will make you know that when situation arises, you will know the correct self-defense skills and you will be ready and confident to use them. Self-discipline is also passed through kickboxing and this enables a person to know when and where to use his technique. Consequently, these lessons are known to develop a person’s inner strength and determination significant.
Improves agility, stamina and coordination
Kickboxing is a physical activity that puts your body to full workout. Your core is put into an active state through the activities that are performed which include kicks and punches. This helps you to develop a better posture and increased body balance. These movements further lead to increased flexibility to growths in strength and endurance. Due to this, it will help to fight the loss of agility that may be caused due to aging or inactivity. The ability to react fast to instructions and the situations makes the participant to rapidly improve their coordination and reflexes. This leaves you in a better shape physically.
Enhanced energy and focus
Dissimilar to other types of exercises that many people do while thinking of other things, kickboxing demands the parties involved to pay full attention. As a result, many people report feeling more focused during workouts. This workout helps in endurance. Kick boxers also note increased energy levels but reduced stress levels throughout the day. Unlike other types of cardiovascular exercises, a kick boxer uses their whole body during the workout. This helps in burning calories and if combined with the right diet results in weight loss.
Soaks in stress
In the modern day there are very many frustrations. These may leave you with a lot of stress which might impact your behavior. These factors may lead you to becoming short tempered, depressed, irritated, or even causing distraction. Kickboxing will help you to release this pressure. The practice of hitting a punching bag is also a great medium of taking out frustrations that might have built up due to stress. This will allow you to be refreshed by these sessions. This in turn will increase the release of endorphins or commonly known as happy hormones. This helps with anger management issues as the endorphins relieve the pain or any kind of depression that is in the body.

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