Kickboxing Is Helping Young Girls In India

In a country rife with many health issues including things like malnutrition and an overall poor quality of life for children and adults alike – kickboxing is making all the difference in a few young girls’ lives. Many young girls in India have no time or opportunity for fun and games or even school. They are usually entrusted with being the primary housekeeper in their respective homes. Kickboxing has now afforded them the chance to get out and make something of themselves. Many of these young kickboxers aspire to join the army within a few years which is much more of a reality with some form of combat training prior to enrollment and kickboxing more than suffices.
The biggest problem young girls and women in India is sexual violence. Which gets widely unreported due to fear of reprisals and little or no action taken by Indian authorities, some of whom are sex offenders themselves. Kickboxing gives these girls and women a chance to change the ending and defend themselves for once as well. Since some of the girls have gained some local notoriety for their kickboxing they have said that none of them have been approached by any strangers – so the word is out.
The kickboxing also encourages independence and, overall, better health practices and habits for these young women. Exercising daily helps their bodies growing metabolism and it also helps them gain access to information on proper nutrition and where to go to find it.
Many of the girls have even competed in the International Kickboxing Championships in the past few years and some even medaled and brought home gold, sliver and/or bronze for their efforts. They all look at this as a legitimate way to try and become Olympians and possibly improve the overall quality of their lives as a whole.

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