Kickboxing Franchise Helps Cheer Up Single Members On Valentines Day With “Shred Your Ex”

If you were feeling down this Valentine’s day because you are without a Valentine has you covered! Their “Shred Your Ex” program fuses your Valentine’s anger & sadness into a great full body kickboxing workout so you won’t just shred your ex but also some pounds. The way the class works is that participants will bring in a picture of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and they then tape it to the heavy bag they’ll be using and from there they proceed to beat the crap out of the picture like a bunch of absolute lunatics! But make no mistake, they all love it – it’s been ILKB’s most popular program year after year for several years now.
The class/program helps those participating to get over their ex while getting a great cardio kickboxing workout in as while. The workout, itself, is specially designed to engage your whole body but it is specifically great for your core muscles too. There’s no doubt that after a class like this all of the participants will have sweat out all of their frustration that they’re feeling over their respective ex’s. You can visit to find a class & studio near you – it’s a global franchise!

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