Holly Holm Lowered To “Fight Night” After Third Straight Loss

When she defeated the once great Ronda Rousey in November 2015 to win the bantamweight title the only place to go was down for Holly Holm and that is exactly what she has done since, go down. She has lost three straight fights and now the UFC has lost faith in her to the point that they are demoting her to fight night cards rather than UFC cards. It is likely that if she wins she will be back on the UFC cards for her very next fight. However, this has to be very alarming for the fan favorite fighter.
The news comes after a close, and still disputed, loss at UFC 208 for Holm. However, the two losses prior to that were very decisive ones. It is widely suspected that as long as she wins her Fight Night bout everything will be back to normal for Holm and she will once again be a regular on UFC cards. This seems to be an attempt by the UFC to keep publicly favored fighters from losing so often they lose popularity thus losing draw for the UFC. Ultimately, it will be up to Holm to decide her own fate and it wouldn’t hurt at all if she did so with a knockout or extremely convincing decision either.

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