GLORY Kickboxing Is Now Partly Owned By Yao Ming’s Firm

This week, former NBA star Yao Ming’s private equity firm became a strategic partner with Glory Kickboxing leaving Ming’s firm with a “significant stake in the company.” This occurs at a great time for Glory as they are planning a global expansion of their events as well as holding more events overall.
This could also mean we will now see both Glory and UFC in New York as MMA has finally been legalized in the state. Yao has always been a huge fan of kickboxing stating “To me, the sport of kickboxing is a synonym for courage, grit and the will to succeed,” he continued “As kickboxing is gaining worldwide popularity among the younger generation, Yao Capital is pleased to partner with GLORY, the world’s number one league in this field. Today, we join forces to promote the sport of kickboxing and encourage more young people to be involved in this sport to become the hero in their own life.”
Kickboxing fans should keep an eye out for Glory events taking place near them in the coming year as Glory now has eighteen separate events planned over the next twelve to eighteen months. Glory officials did not respond immediately to requests for comment on the story.

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