We are Rockin’ Rocklin Kickboxing Academy. We are a new boutique kickboxing center geared towards serious fitness and self defense enthusiasts. That being said, anyone is welcome to come in and try a training session. However, we do ask you contact us before you come in for a consultation to make sure there are no potential health hazards for you.
Our main focus is simple: to kick your butt into shape and simultaneously into fighting form. We want you to be healthy AND safe. Get fit not hit. The very best added bonus you’ll get from training with us will be the overt confidence you’ll gain from looking good & fearing no one.
We offer a variety of different training sessions based on skill level and the appropriate option will be determined through your consultation contact. We rarely restrict people from training with us BUT there are exceptions, some of which are: those with serious heart conditions, pregnant women, children 12 & under, and those with serious respiratory conditions (more serious than asthma).
We hope to hear from you! Besure to check back often for updates and fresh blog posts!
The Rockin’ Rocklin Kickboxing Academy Staff