Intense Training

Here at Rocklin Kickboxing we really don’t mess around! Our classes are intensive super-set styled non-stop work outs. In fact, they are so intense that no one makes it all the way through their very first work out. The only question is are you ready to get your butt kicked?

Explosive Techniques

We are no fly-by-night cardio kickboxing class for girls who want to lose weight – you will get the workout of your life when your here BUT you will also learn invaluable self defense techniques. And the best part? You won’t even know that your learning! You’ll be too busy focusing on your drills & instruction you won’t have time to think “I’d rather be…”

Ultimate Results

Not only will you become the best fighter you’ve ever been but you will get into incredible shape in the process! There’s no way you can skate by in our classes without breaking a sweat like you can in most gyms, just trudging along on the treadmill while you’re on your phone – at of kickboxing school everybody gets their world rocked like never before! We can even tailor your workout to your individual fitness needs as well!

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Do You Know About All The Different Types Of Kickboxing?

Although many people have heard about kickboxing and even seen the martial art in action, be it in movies or during tournaments, the general idea that people have, is that kickboxing is a general term referring to only one style of fighting. The truth is far from that, however, as there are many different styles […]

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Kickboxing Is Helping Young Girls In India

In a country rife with many health issues including things like malnutrition and an overall poor quality of life for children and adults alike – kickboxing is making all the difference in a few young girls’ lives. Many young girls in India have no time or opportunity for fun and games or even school. They […]

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Holly Holm Lowered To “Fight Night” After Third Straight Loss

When she defeated the once great Ronda Rousey in November 2015 to win the bantamweight title the only place to go was down for Holly Holm and that is exactly what she has done since, go down. She has lost three straight fights and now the UFC has lost faith in her to the point […]

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Kickboxing Franchise Helps Cheer Up Single Members On Valentines Day With “Shred Your Ex”

If you were feeling down this Valentine’s day because you are without a Valentine has you covered! Their “Shred Your Ex” program fuses your Valentine’s anger & sadness into a great full body kickboxing workout so you won’t just shred your ex but also some pounds. The way the class works is that participants […]

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UFC 209 Will Be Headline Wonderboy VS Woodley 2

In what was easily the best fight of UFC 205, we will see a rematch between Tyrone Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The fight was a drag-out test of wills that ended in a majority draw which saw Woodley retaining his Welter Weight Title. This fight will be the main event of the card and […]

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There’s An Injury Epidemic At American Kickboxing Academy

The American Kickboxing Academy of San Jose has been the training center for a myriad of UFC fighters including Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez, Josh Koscheck and many more. It’s not much different than any other world famous MMA training center. But, there is one glaring and alarming difference – the fighters from and at this […]

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Kickboxing May Slowly Be Working It’s Way Into The Olympics

Many years ago, the sport of kickboxing was looking like it could be the next big wave of combat training in the world. Then mixed martial arts came along and quickly extinguished that possibility. However, kickboxing now has another great opportunity to propel itself into the ether. It has just been announced that the sport […]

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The Best Kickboxers In The UFC

Kickboxing has become one of the most common and effective moves to knock out opponents in UFC. In modern UFC, you need to be diverse when it comes to fighting moves in order to be the best. Fighters who use their eight limbs have found tremendous success in this sport. This article highlights the best […]

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GLORY Kickboxing Is Now Partly Owned By Yao Ming’s Firm

This week, former NBA star Yao Ming’s private equity firm became a strategic partner with Glory Kickboxing leaving Ming’s firm with a “significant stake in the company.” This occurs at a great time for Glory as they are planning a global expansion of their events as well as holding more events overall.   This could […]

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Kickboxing: The Double Edged Sword

It is a well-known factor that martial arts and combat sports can have a positive effect on the physical and health aspects of your body. One great way of doing this is through kickboxing. Kickboxing is a form of martial arts that works with the combination of punching and kicking movements. It originated from a […]

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